Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 2:

Does It Work Yet?
     January 26th, 2016

     Since it’s still early in the build season, we don’t have many completed projects, but have been further working on already started ones.

     Build has completed the chassis and drive train so far and it’s super exciting to see the robot begin to take shape. Their other project has been working on putting together prototypes. So far there are three different kinds of devices that will be used to launch the boulder into the opponent’s castle. We have two catapult designs and one that uses wheels to shoot the boulders. The whole team has enjoyed watching and participating in the demonstrations so far! It's funny to watch us all huddle around the robot to watch it shoot and be a success. Along with the three launching mechanisms, thehave put together a proto-typed boulder intake and a climbing mechanism. We are shooting through the windows and climbing to victory.

     Programming has been continuing the work that they began last week; so the Vision Software has been further explored along with further instruction to the rookies. Practice makes perfect... Most of the time. Preparation for when they can begin programming has been their main goal this past week.

     The stress is real with the Outreach team finishing up the Chairman’s Essay this past week as it’s due on February 4th! We also began to work on how we’re going about writing the Woodie Flower's essay, all of our mentors are wonderful, it's so hard to choose only one. It's not only essays we're writing, we are also designing our Team Standard. We design while the build team builds. We can't wait to see what Week 3 will bring us! 

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  1. Hey this is such a cool project that you guys have worked on. I think you guys should work on such projects which can benefit the society as well.