Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Week 1:

Let The Proto-Begin!

    January 20th, 2016

           This first week is already over and we have been so busy! Six weeks seems like an eternity during school, but when the bell rings and we’re off to build, the time is far from endless. Let the chaos unravel and the building begin.  

Starting the week with brainstorming, the whiteboard filled with our beautiful drawings of “stick-robots” because before we can put the robot together, we need to have a pretty good idea on whether or not it will be successful for completing the tasks. Once we configured a rough sketch, we began to prototype. Well…Sometimes the prototype is scrapped, but that’s how we learn. Other times it’s used as a model to build a better working part of it or if it's successful it is more than likely going to be put on our final product.

        So far we have worked on launching mechanisms to launch the ball, great progress has been made: it hits the same line on the wall every time!  There are still a few designs we are comparing. Finally, we built the frame of the robot and have started building our defense, the bumpers! It's been very rewarding to see all the planning we've done so far take shape. 

     While we wait for an actual, working bot, the programmers updated all their laptops to LabView. This is also a perfect time for the veterans on the programming team to show our new members on how to use the basics of the programs they use. Also, we managed to start working on the Vision software for the robot’s camera. While it may seem slow going at first, in the end all this preparation pays off so we can focus on finishing up the robot's movements! 

        Outreach has had a large part of their focus on writing the Chairman's Essay. The Graphic Design team has been busy designing buttons to hand out at the competitions along with the team standard that will follow us around, shown to everyone as we defend our castle! Recently, we have been looking for sponsors as they are vital to us, and every other team.

     This is such an exciting time for teams across the globe and we are all so excited to see where this season will bring us! 

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  1. So happy to see that you all are working on hard on your given task. hope the final product comes out amazing! do update after all the requirements are done.