Thursday, March 24, 2016

Iowa Regional: Day 0

The Journey Begins!
     March 24th, 2016

     Good Morning Everyone!
 If you did not know already, we are currently in Iowa right now to compete at the Iowa Regional! We left Cottage Grove at around 5:30 PM and we arrived at our hotel around 11:00 PM yesterday. It was quite a journey to get from "Minnesnowta" to Iowa due to the bad weather conditions, but we are glad that we got here in one piece. Today will mark the start of practice matches so teams (like us) will have the opportunity to finally unbag their robot and test it on the official Stronghold field. These next few days will be very interesting to see what solutions teams came up with for this year's game. Be sure to follow all of our social media for the latest updates from the team!

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